Monday, February 05, 2007

In Honor Of Congenital Heart Defect Week!!

A friend of mine posted about this in her work at home forum. The following is from her post:

As you all know my daughter has a Congenital Heart Defect. She just turned a year old and is going well. This week in Feb. very important to me. I wanted to take one big donation from the At Home Resource boards to donate to Congenital Heart Information Network. I want the donations to start today and end Feb 5th. I will donate all the money to help out these very special little children. I am currently trying to get the Govenor of Maryland to pass a bill to support goals and ideas of this week. If you are interested in donating you can send payment to paypal at Thanks!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
An international coalition of families, individuals, non-profit organizations, support groups, and health professionals participate in a campaign to increase public awareness of Congenital Heart Defects and Childhood Heart Disease.

In November, 1999, Jeanne Imperati, organizer of the Awareness campaign, encouraged members of our online support groups, visitors to our site, and interested health professionals to write to their governors, requesting that February 14, 2000 be proclaimed as A Day for Hearts: Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day™ in their state.

Within several weeks of her initial announcement, Mrs. Imperati and members of our online community received proclamations from forty-four states!

In 2006, well over 100 hospitals, practices and organizations throughout the world participated in awareness activities, celebrations, media events, and local press interviews.

Congenital Heart Disease is considered to be the most common birth defect, and is a leading cause of birth-defect related deaths worldwide.

Despite the fact that CHD affects millions of families, a relatively small amount of funding is currently available for parent/patient educational services, research, and support.

By sharing our experiences and providing information, we hope to raise public awareness about conditions that affect approximately 40,000 babies each year in the United States alone.

It is our sincere hope that efforts to educate the public will result in additional funding for support and educational services, scientific research, and improved quality of care for our children and adults.

Erin will actually be accepting donations continuously!! Visit her forum at to get more information!

My next posting will be ways to protect your heart!! Keep your eye out for that!! ;)